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Emancipate Yourself  from Mental Slavery

  Fight the years of mental shackles and be ready to be a part of a changing and dynamic society free from distinctions of ethnicity and nationality.



Emancipate Yourself from Mental Slavery ePortfolio is designed to share my cultural, personal and intellectual diversified learning experience gained while pursuing my Masters in Disability Studies at the City University of New York School of Professional Studies. I can attest to the saying that “Tenure does not necessarily prove mastery of a job or perfection.” I say that because I have over a decade  of experience working with individuals with disabilities, yet it was not until I  started the Masters program that I came to the realization that the depth of my understanding of disability was limited and affected by my inability to see beyond my culturally embedded issues about disabilities. How can I accept and see individuals with disabilities as citizens in need of legal rights to be a part of an inclusive society when I am from a culture where disability is disregarded?


The past two years have been a rebirth process and a journey for me, as the many interesting classes that I have completed have taught me many interesting concepts which  have helped me to be reflective in re-examining my own personal conflicting issues that were culturally instilled in me as a child. I am now transformed into a knowledgeable professional and a better advocate with open sensitivity in my expressions towards individuals with disabilities.  


The content of this journey includes all the classes I have completed along with a rich personal learning experience conveyed through creative expression in the form of words, pictures, music and videos to bring about an understanding and connection. I hope this experience will educate others that are working in the field as well as those who are impacted by disabilities. May you find the courage and motivation to be enriched, energized and open to the desire to make a change in society.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.