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About Me

My name is Zina Adams and I began the Spring 2013 semester as a transfer student at CUNY SPS studying Business. I am currently employed full-time as an IT Business Analyst for a major corporation in NYC. In addition to being a full time student, I am also a full time mommy to three precious girls names Quinn, Mickayla and Samaya. My world revolves around these three little souls and I strive every day to be the very best example to them. My ultimate educational goal and lifelong dream has been to obtain an Executive MBA. Recently, I've added to that goal with a plan to obtain a PHD in Organizational Management. As someone who is relentless at achieving and succeeding, I am positive that I will be able to reach my ultimate goal and see my dreams come true.


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Why SPS? Why Now?

I, much like many others at SPS, have been pursuing my undergraduate education for many, many years. I've attended three previous colleges since graduating from high school nearly twenty years ago but I've never really been able to narrow down a major that I love during my past attempts to complete my college education. Since I've never been passionate about any one field, I've found it easier to put my educational dreams on the back burner every time I've attempted to complete my education. 


As the saying goes "Life gets in the way" and as my responsibilities and family size increased, my opportunities and time to complete school decreased. SPS is the right choice for me because I can work my schedule around my classes and vice versa. The time spent traveling to and from a brick and mortar school can be spent working on class work and/or studying online.


As a mommy to three girls, I believe it’s extremely important to be a positive role model to my daughters. I work hard to ensure that they can experience new things and open their worlds to new ideas. I want to ensure that they have every opportunity to reach their fullest potential. One thing I've always stressed to them is the importance of education and I’ve made it clear that for them, higher education is not an option, but a requirement. I've incorporated them into my study and homework time with trips to libraries and museums. Most days, we enjoy doing homework together and they love the extra time we spend doing something that is important to me. I've made it clear to them that all of my hard work now is to ensure that they are able to go to college later.  My daughters are going to finish college and now that they are bigger and require less of my time, SO AM I.


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