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Welcome to my e-Portfolio!



My name is Marggorie Brown. I am a Communications and Media student at CUNY School of Professional Studies. I will obtain my Bachelor in Arts degree this June. I am looking forward to graduation!


I previously graduated with an A.A. Communication and the Media Arts: Journalism degree from Suffolk County Community College in Selden, New York. 


I currently live on Long Island with my husband Shawn and our 18-month-old daughter Zoe Adelle. 


My main areas of interest are journalism, education, photography and web design. 


I hope that you enjoy reading my senior research project titled "The Pedagogy of Wizardry." 


I analyzed J.K. Rowling's Harry Potter Series to understand the complexity of the teacher-student relationships and their impact in the students' lives. The National Research Council establishes some guidelines that serve as tools for educators to provide quality education. I discuss these guidelines in my writing and I analyze the ways in which these principles are shown in the films. 




On June 20, 2016 this e-Portfolio was selected as a showcase winner. I am very happy that my work was selected and I am glad to share it with students and readers in the upcoming semesters. This accomplishment adds to the wonderful time I had as a student at CUNY SPS.


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