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My name is Karolina and I live in Brooklyn, New York. 

I was born and raised in Prague, Czech Republic and I moved to the US a little over two years ago. It's been a rocky road, immigration is not an easy process, even when you do it legally. 


It's been taking me a while to complete my degree, as I've alwaya had to work full time to support myself. Taking four years off to go to college was never a possibility for me. So here I am, like many others, 27 years old working on my degree online. 


I work as  Digital Media Coordinator for a New York City tourism company, and I consider myself very lucky at this point. My work is very challenging, as I and the sole person responsible for all of our content. I've been putting in a lot of hours for the past few months, so keeping up with school has been difficult.


I chose this Capstone, because I've always loved film and I figured I might as well work on something that I enjoy. This brings me to my chosen topic. I know Wes Anderson is a controversial filmmaker and many people in the film community dislike his work, but I am not one of them (not that I'm a part of the film community). I feel like it's popular now to dislike Wes Anderson, but I highly appreciate his level of creativity, the way he uses his literary, historical and artistic inspiration and translates it onto the screen, as well as his stunning visuals and techniques. I knew I would have no problem re-watching all of his films and reading everything I can about his work. 


Enjoy and let me know if you like (or dislike) any Wes Anderson film.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.