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Suzie Quarrell

Lehman College

250 Bedford Park Blvd. West

Bronx, NY


718 960 8556/8276





Instructor, 2008 to present

CUNY School of Professional Studies Online Baccalaureate Program

Writing at Work        

Studies in Oral Folktale and Literary Fairytale

College Writing II    

Science Fiction

Themes in Shakespeare


Instructor, 1998 to present 

CUNY Lehman College, Bronx NY

Women in Literature: Gossips and Shrews in Ballads, Merry Tales and Jests from the 14th c. to the 17th c. 

Origins of English Literature

Medieval Women in Chaucer, online                                                                

American Minority Literature

Contemporary Urban Literature

Women in Literature to 1800

Themes in Shakespeare, online

English Survey Chaucer to Dryden

Studies in Oral Folktale and Literary Fairytale, online

Freshman Composition

Literary Genres

Report Writing

ACT Writing Workshop


Instructor, 2002 to 2016, 2018   

SUNY Rockland Community College

English Composition I and II, Honors

Theories and Practice of Research, Honors  

Accelerated Learning Program ENG098/101                  

English Composition, Learning Community

Women and Literature

World Literature I

Themes in Irish Literature

American Literary Tradition I

Children’s Literature, Folktale and Literary Fairytale  


Reader, 2010 to 2012

The School of Visual Arts

Evaluated student placement essays                                         


ESL Tutor,  1998 – 1999

SUNY Westchester Community College                                                        Reading comprehension and essay writing skills              



B.A. in English Literature. Columbia University, NY

Concentration: medieval English literature


M.A. in English Literature. CUNY, Lehman College, NY

Concentration: medieval English literature, Chaucer.

Thesis: "Patriarchal Constructs: Women and Economy in Late Medieval England."



  • VoiceThread Bootcamp. CUNY School of Professional Studies, fall 2017
  • Monitoring Student Progress in Blackboard, CUNY School of Professional Studies, Fall 2016
  • Facilitating Group Work in Blackboard, CUNY School of Professional Studies, Fall 2016
  • New York University. Black Irish Writing: The Irish Renaissance and the Harlem Renaissance, NYU Faculty Resource Network, spring 2014. Fellowship.
  • Online Course Development Workshop Series, ANGEL. English Dept. Rockland Community College, spring 2014
  • English Composition II Course Revitalization. Title III Grant. Dept. of Education. Rockland Community College, spring 2013
  • Oxford Faculty Seminar. Shakespeare in History. Oxford University Summer Program, summer 2013
  • Writing Across the Curriculum (WAC) Workshop. Lehman College, spring 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2013
  • Pedagogy and Hybrid Course Development Workshop series. English Dept. Lehman College, spring 2010, 2011
  • Blackboard Online Course Development. CUNY Arts & Humanities Dept. CUNY School of Professional Studies, spring 2010
  • Creating Rubrics, online course. CUNY School of Professional Studies, fall 2010
  • English as a Second Language Across the Curriculum (ESLAC) Workshop. ESL Dept. Lehman College, fall 2010
  • Pedagogy and Online Course Development Series. CUNY School of Professional Studies, spring 2008
  • Blackboard Online Course Development Program. Sloan C Foundation grant - CUNY, fall 2003


  • Accelerated Learning Program Pilot. Course design and implementation of ENG098/101.
  • Curricular planning. CUNY Pathways Initiative. Department and course level
  • Department-level outcomes assessment
  • Created and implemented CUNY Pathways assessment rubric
  • English Composition common core restructure
  • Online pedagogy, asynchronous and hybrid
  • Faculty mentor, online course development
  • Integrated instructional technologies into curriculum using Blackboard, screen casts and ePortfolios among other platforms (assorted courses)
  • Taught faculty workshops on information technologies and assessment
  • Devised a practicum on collaboration across disciplines for learning community cohorts


  • Pedagogy and Screencasting as a Tool for Research (Title III). Rockland Community College, 2013 (presentation).
  • Teaching Asynchronously in an Urban Environment: Problems, Approaches, Results. ICERI Conference on Technology, Innovation and Pedagogy. Madrid, 2009 (paper)
  • The Role of Faculty in Learning Communities. CUNY Lehman College, 2004 (paper)
  • CUNY IT Conference. 2008 – 2014 (conference)
  • Beacon Conference of Two Year Colleges. Moderator, 2000 (conference)
  • Beacon Conference of Two Year Colleges. Reader on selection committee, 2002 (conference)


  • Faculty Resource Network, fellowship. New York University, 2014, 2016
  • Title III grant. Dept. of Education, 2013
  • PSC CUNY Professional Development Grant, 2009, 2013
  • NYCTE grant for 4Cs Conference, 2003
  • Sloan-C grant. Online Learning Consortium. CUNY, 2003


  • Portuguese
  • Reading Italian


  • Medieval Society
  • Medieval Club of New York
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.