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Creating an ePortfolio is an exciting way to display your work online. It can also be a challenging endeavor. As you create high-quality ePortfolios, this site–built with Digication, CUNY SPS's official ePortfolio platform–can help you...


get going & get further.

Get started with the how-to guides on this page and get further with our add content and design and organize pages.


get ideas & inspiration.

See a range of effective and innovative examples from CUNY SPS students that have been featured in our ePortfolio Showcase.


get your work to others. 

See the share your work page to learn about adding viewers, submitting work to an instructor, or creating custom URLs to share                                your work.


get help beyond what's here.

Whether you're an SPS student, instructor, staff member, or alumnus, find additional ePortfolio support.


The resources on this site not only show how to use Digication, but also offer insights into why and when you might want to make certain rhetorical and design choices. Digication, like most ePortfolio platforms, offers you a lot of flexibility and control over what you put in your ePortfolio, how your content looks on your ePortfolio, and, ultimately, the overall way you represent yourself in this medium. To learn more about how ePortfolios are used at SPS, please watch the video below.



orange boxes offer advice...


You'll find orange boxes—like this one—throughout this website.


These orange boxes contain reflections on or advice about why and when you might make certain rhetorical, design, and content choices when designing an ePortfolio, given the particular goals you have for your ePortfolio or what a professor or advisor might require or recommend.


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DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.