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Welcome to my ePortfolio!  

Hi! My name is Priya Soni.

Thank you for visiting my ePortfolio. I trained in school to become a professional actor in theatre and am now in school pursuing a Master’s Degree in Disability Studies from The CUNY School of Professional Studies, graduating in the Spring of 2013. 


To say these two fields, Disability and Theatre, are not interrelated is an inaccuracy. My draw to theatre was about a journey that would lead me to understanding the depths of my distinctive nature and sharing that with others. In addition, it was also about becoming immersed in appreciating the truths of others. I strived to create and identify with meaningful and honest representations of individuals and their perspective of the world. Those were the drivers that compassionately nudged me towards the study of the lived experience of disability. And due to both fields of theatre and disability, I am in a constant state of discovery.


Since I am an Indian American, I often wonder whether culture influences an individual’s outlook on disability. What is more disabling - the disability or how others experience and handle it? The M.A. in Disability Studies has allowed me a space where I delved into that question as well as disability and diversity, law, aging, mental illness and much more. I look forward to making an impact as a leader in the field of disabilities as an educator and advocate. My intention and vision is to develop multicultural, comprehensive, innovative and inclusive ways to address the judgments associated with disability.


I bring with me dedication, humanity and a readiness. 



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