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After making several comparisons between the two Churches' ability to address the needs of their changing neighborhoods, both Churches appear to be performing successfully within the ethnic and cultural parameters. Though markedly different in their theological foundations with St. Barbara's ascription to the hierarchical structure and authority of the

Pope, and Bethel Gospel's flexible congregational structure, there appear to be more similarities between the two religions than differences in terms of attracting and integrating its new population without theological compromise. I strongly believe that the Churches focus on their role as religious representatives, and their adherence to and scriptural application of Biblical doctrine played an instrumental part in the Churches' modification processes. The Churches were willing to forgo basic human prejudices stemming from cultural and ethnic unfamiliarity, and adapt to its newcomers.


Lastly, the relationship between the communities and the Churches have been stable where, despite a shift in demographics, its constituents are being spiritually fed and socially kept and, most importantly, the fulfillment Jesus's Great Commission to spread the gospel and promote the Kingdom of God throughout the world is being achieved.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.