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The Company

Pachama Cosmetics is a startup company founded by Larry Strong, a media professional with over a decade of experience working in the entertainment industry. Having met many actresses, models, and trendsetters, Larry became aware of healthy lifestyle alternatives to conventional products. Our team includes two equally passionate individuals; Kevin Nembhard is a co-owner and chief financial officer. He brings over 16 years of accounting and finance experience to the company, having previously managed financial systems for multinational companies. His solid corporate background brings sharp business skills to Pachama. The other third of our team is Tremayne Cunningham, a former fashion model and current head of marketing for Pachama. For over 15 years Tremayne has successfully sold cosmetics and beauty products to the mass market. Her unique insight into fashion and makeup will be invaluable in helping Pachama reach its target audience.


Our makeup formulations will be developed without the use of animal testing and our packaging will be composed of biodegradable and recycled material. Our commitment to a holistic approach toward green business and sustainability will define Pachama Cosmetics a legitimate player in the growing market for naturally derived cosmetics.


Our name Pachama is derived from the Andean goddess Pachamama, a benevolent figure revered by the indigenous people of the western coast of South America. Pachamama can be translated as “mother earth” or “mother world” and she is most associated with planting and harvesting in the region.[1] We feel this name best conveys our attitude toward respect for nature, health, beauty, and general wellness.

Our target will be the youth market, technologically savvy, pre-teen to young adult women. Initially, the company will generate sales through ecommerce and direct marketing but we plan to move into the glamour retail market in years to come.


Legal Structure

Pachama Cosmetics will be organized as a "C" corporation, incorporated in the state of Delaware. This business organizational structure was chosen because we intend to seek venture capital financing. A cursory search of existing trademarks indicates that there are no trademark restrictions on our name; therefore we will trademark the name Pachama Cosmetics and variants. We have already obtained the Internet domain name pachamacosmetics.com.

[1] Pachamama's Children: Mother Earth & Her Children of the Andes in Peru, by   Carol Cumes, Romulo Lizarraga Valencia, Romulo L. Valencia 1995

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.