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Personnel and Organizational Chart

Key to Pachama’s success will be to stand out in the market. Our management, marketing team, and lead chemist will need to develop a premium product, as well as be creative and aggressive in steering customers toward our unique product. Our startup team will consist of:


  1. Chief Executive Officer (CEO-Founder)
    1. Driving the company’s vision of delivering naturally derived beauty products, promoting environmental responsibility and healthy living.
  2. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)
    1. Overseeing the financial growth of Pachama Cosmetics
  3. Operations/Product Development Manager
    1. Proposing and choosing product packaging
    2. Working closely with chemist to develop formula brief for contract manufacturers
  4. Marketing Manager
    1. Expected to run the gamut of tasks from direct sales, event marketing, public relations, and social media management



While Pachama is in the start-up phase of business operations, we want to ensure our team members are motivated to perform at their maximum ability and they should feel a sense of ownership in the company. We may offer startup equity to our early employees as part of out compensation package. This could take the form of actual stock and stock options.

As the company expands we will be increasing employees in the Operations and Support team. We plan on expanding into the international markets within the first two years of business. At that time we will increase our staff significantly.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.