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NURS 461: Global Health and Policy Issues: A Nursing Perspective


Course Description:

This course will enhance students' knowledge of the ongoing changes in health care and policy development including discussion and analysis of issues related to health care around the world. Discussion will be related to health care access, disparities, and human rights. The course will look at ways of promoting access, especially for the most vulnerable individuals and groups in society. Global nursing outreach organizations will also be explored. 







This course has helped me to understand the true state of health throughout the world. At times, I felt like I was ignorant to what was going on in the world around me but this course really helped open my eyes and mind to the state of healthcare. This course helped me to put in perspective the position of healthcare as it relates to issues like food insecurity, sexual violence, and clean water and drinking and how these issues impact one’s health and well-being. I know that this course will impact my nursing practice by allowing me to utilize the research that I discovered throughout this course to better understand the state of health care in the world. Further, this will allow me to continue to pursue my global outreach and humanitarian efforts as a nurse with more zeal than ever.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.