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NURS 451: Leadership and Management in Healthcare


Course Description:

This course explores principles of organizations, leadership and management related to nursing. Skills necessary to facilitate group dynamics and personnel management are addressed, and quality control models are examined. Emphasis is on the coordination of care for patients and health care personnel. Students will have the opportunity to learn a variety of management methodologies. Discussion will focus on current issues and their potential impact on nursing practice.





This course has to be one of the most interesting courses that I’ve taken throughout my time in CUNY SPS. It was a great reflection of the diverse aspects of the nursing role which includes a collaboration between management, business, leadership, and clinical. As a nurse, I had a vague and almost abstract idea of my role in an interdisciplinary team. This course taught me the true value of my role as a nurse. It’s crazy to look at interdisciplinary collaboration from a business perspective, and yet, it is one of the most effective concepts. Viewing a team through the faces of innovation helped me to learn that each member has a role to play, one that emphasizes their strengths in order to create innovative ideas. Instead of seeing the flaws in one another, the ten faces of innovation can help me to discern their strength and power in a team. Working in our collaborative group projects to create Excelsior helped me to see that. 


Learning about a culture of health had to be one of the other great aspects of this course. Our culture defines who we are. It impacts our actions, our thoughts, our relationships and even our very essence. One has an inextricable link with their culture because it surmises their identity. This course helped me to understand that a culture of health does not mean a perfect community, but a community that acknowledges its weaknesses and tries to solve them using their strengths.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.