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NURS 350: Principles of Nursing Research


Course Description:

This course focuses on the development of skills needed to analyze and critique nursing research literature. The course is designed to develop an appreciation of research as the foundation for evidence-based practice. It provides students with a conceptual basis to both interpret and evaluate research for evidence-based practice. Methodologies are used that facilitate the analysis of research relevant to the student’s area of clinical interest and expertise.




This course helped me to understand my role as a nursing researcher. Often times, I thought of my role as a nurse as relevant only in the practice setting. However, by application of theoretical practices and through detailed study and observation, a nurse can help to discover trends and solve problems in the healthcare world. This course has inspired me to take the time to Observe the issues that I have encountered in my nursing practice and develop research in order to combat these problems.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.