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NURS 313: Nursing Informatics


Course Description:

This course combines knowledge and skills from nursing science, computer science, and information science in the practice of nursing. Major topics focus on informatics concepts and communications that are most critical to therapeutic nursing interventions. The course assignments will familiarize students with both the theoretical concepts and the practical application of the scholarship of nursing informatics in health care management and/or health services delivery. Students will analyze an actual nursing information system and consider how to ensure privacy of patient information.









The principles that I learned in this course have helped me to understand and realize how diverse nursing truly is. I had an idea about what nursing informatics was prior to this course.  However, this class really helped to illuminate how nursing informatics can be integrated into one’s care and practice in order to facilitate their practice experience and better serve the patient. Coming from a technology free facility, this course has helped me to reflect on my practice and realize the potential for growth and improvement that could be if we established an electronic health record.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.