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NURS 303: Caring for Patients, Including Diverse Populations, in their Communities


Course Description:

This course develops the role of the professional nurse in the community setting. Major focus will be the need to collaborate with other health team members within the community to build healthy communities. The challenges of emerging health issues as well as access to care for vulnerable populations and advocacy for the patient in this setting will also be discussed. 





This course helped me to reflect on nursing and its diverse roles. Community health nursing means taking the time and energy to dedicate oneself to making an impact, whether it’s big or small, something that a lot of nurses forget. Living in our society, nurses sometimes lean towards careers that can increase one’s wealth. However, it’s serving the community that will make a lasting and thriving impact. My community clinical experience taught me about the value of community health nursing. At the FSIL college, nursing students are admitted and retained based on their dedication to staying in Haiti and helping healthcare in their community. After graduation, the nurses must work for 2 years within Haiti to retain their scholarships. Nurses are groomed to become community nurses and find joy in that. This class taught me about the wealth of opportunities that are available to me. I was challenged mentally and emotionally throughout this course which has made me better as a student and professional.  I never thought that I could participate in something like the Haiti trip and now I’ve already made plans to return. I appreciate this course for helping me realize my full potential as a nurse.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.