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NURS 302: Health Teaching in Diverse Cultures


Course Description:

This course is designed to explore the role of the professional nurse as an educator for a population with a specific health problem within a community. Education theory, evidence-based teaching strategies, and the use of appropriate interventions for culturally diverse or at risk populations will be discussed. A teaching plan will be developed using a patient population of the student’s choice.




From the beginning of the semester to now, I can see great improvement in how I teach patients and families about their care. This class helped me to grow as a nurse and realize that teaching someone is not “one size fits all.” This class showed me the importance of assessing my patient’s educational needs in order to determine the best methods for providing appropriate patient education reflective of their cultural, spiritual and educational needs.
There were many things that I liked about the Nursing 302 class. I enjoyed the health teaching project as it was a creative and effective way to culminate all we have learned in one assignment. I enjoyed the discussion board topics because they were interesting and stimulated me to think as a student. I loved the peer review aspect for the health teaching project because I was able to teach as well as learn from my peers. It helped me to provide constructive criticism as an educator and also accept my faults as a student. Although at first I didn’t like it, I came to enjoy reading the text for the class because it provided great information and real world application to the diverse educational topics we studied during the semester. Finally, I liked the peer interaction throughout the class. I really got to learn from my classmates and discover many diverse thoughts and ideas on health education topics. This course helped me to grow in my profession as a nurse. I feel more confident in my role as a patient educator and it has helped to fuel my desire to become a nurse educator. 
DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.