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For years, when people ask about my degree I would say that I was on the 8-year plan beginning next August. I started my university career in 1999 as a Vocal Performance major. After spending about four years bouncing from one school to another, and obtaining an AA degree, I decided to move to New York and pursue my musical theatre dreams. Life took over and the need for making a paycheck came before working in the theater. Last year I decided that I wanted to finish my degree and chose Sociology as my major. I am excited to further my understanding about how people function in society. I hope to finish my degree this year and after 13 years finally be done. 


I am a singer/performer (James Archer). I have started to delve into the world of cabaret and am working on a couple of new shows that I hope to get off the ground in the next year or two. I hope that this course will help me to further understand myself and make me not only a better performer but also a more understanding human being.

James Davis

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James Archer YouTube 


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James Archer


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The Frustrated Singer

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.