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A Little Bit About Me...


My name is Gary Eckerson, and I am currently enrolled in the Communication and Media program at CUNY.  Earning my bachelors degree has been a dream of mine since I earned my associates degree from Orange County Community College in 1995.  The online program at CUNY is very different from the more traditional setting I was accustomed to.  But I love the flexibility it offers, and the highly technological aspects of learning online will better prepare me for the 21st century office environment.


Upon graduating from community college in the mid 90's, I landed a job in a print shop, providing graphic design and customer service to a varied client base.  The environment was fast-paced and extremely deadline oriented, so I learned a lot about time management and providing high-quality work within a strict timeframe. 


In 2001, I moved to Cleveland, OH and decided to pursue freelance graphic design opportunities while supplementing my income as a manager at a music retailer.  As with many experiences in life, working in retail helped me grow.  By working directly with the public, I learned how to effectively communicate with and accommodate the needs of a very diverse population.


After moving back to upstate New York in 2005, I worked in an elementary school library as an assistant.  It was the most personally rewarding job I have had thus far.  As an amateur artist, I loved being surrounded by imaginatively illustrated childrens books.  It was also a thrill to be able to help children discover new books and instill in them solid reading habits.  In addition to working in the library, I helped coach a few of my school's Odyssey of the Mind creative problem solving teams, designed the district newsletter, and supervised the student newspaper staff.


At the end of 2013, I moved to Brooklyn, NY in order to take advantage of the diverse culture and seek out artistic and career opportunities that small town New York life does not provide. Most of my attention has been devoted to my studies, but I am making contacts and creating graphic design projects for some interesting clients in the non-profit and advocacy sectors.

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.