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About Me


As a graduate of the CUNY School of Professional Studies in 2013, reflecting back on my educational journey up to this point brings a lot of emotions.  I am not a first time college winner - it took me fourteen years and five different schools to get my bachelors degree, but I finally did it in the Spring of 2013 at Lincoln Center.  What a remarkable day.


My educational road was a long journey because I really didn't know what I wanted to do with my life.  Around seven years ago, I decided to recommit myself to my education and was no longer focused on what I wanted to be but instead focused on making myself a well-rounded individual.  I had a pretty good career going so the decision to get my bachelors was for myself alone.  Yet, as I continued to take classes, I found myself getting better at my job and other areas of my life improved.


I started by getting my AA from a local community college by going to classes at night and on the weekends.  Once I graduated, I transferred to CUNY SPS where I continued to take classes online for several years until I earned enough credits to graduate.  The experience in both schools has been rewarding and well worth every night spent studying.


My educational journey continues in the Fall of 2013 where I will begin my studies for an MA in Graphic Communications Management and Technology at NYU.  I hope to continue in the research that I have started here by expanding my topic into the international business realm.

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