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The Disability Studies Program Goals are listed below. 


This is the part of the ePortfolio where you discuss and display the work you did in your MA program.


In section below and on the left hand side of this page, I've created two ways of showing the courses a typical student might have taken as she or he progressed through the Master's program, including the course number, the course title and the professor.  You can edit the text to reflect the courses you took, or you can delete the table altogether and design another way of sharing the work you did with the reader - for example, using the course listing on the left.


If you decide to use the table, you could put in a hyperlink in each of the courses to the course description and to the work you did for each course - a paper, a project, or anything else that would show the viewer the work you did for the course.


As an alternative, I've also listed the courses to the left, and hyperlinked them to course descriptions and more information just to show you an example. For each course, I've put in a section where you can upload assignments you did that represent your best work in each class.  Finally, there is a section near the bottom of each page where you can summarize what you learned. I've listed some suggested questions to respond to in writing, but you could also upload a video here or use a completely different method of telling the reader what you learned and how the courses connect to each other.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.

Disability Studies Program Goals

Our overarching goal is to enable students to become reflective, knowledgeable and flexible professionals, researchers or educators in their chosen disability-related field.


Upon completion of the program, students will be able to exhibit their competence in these areas:

  • Research skills for ongoing learning and writing in disability studies;
  • Dedication to improvement in quality of life and justice for people with disabilities;
  • Knowledge of disability experience, individual and social;
  • Familiarity with disability and the arts and/or creativity in disability culture;
  • Ability to demonstrate their application of knowledge in disability-related practice.

Diagram of Program Goals - Disability Studies Program Diagram.Bates.docx

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Course ID

Course Title


Fall 2008

DSAB 601

Psychosocial, Cultural and Political Aspects of Disability

Jody Gill

Spring 2009

DSAB 602

Embodiment and Disability

Paige Ingalls

Summer 2009

DSAB 603

Disability and the Family Life Cycle

Justine Pawlukewicz

Fall 2009

DSAB 605

Disability and Diversity

Julie Maybee

Spring 2010

DSAB 611

Research Methods

Mariette Bates

Summer 2010

DSAB 626

Law and Policy

Frank Wyman

Fall 2010

DSAB 627

Disability and Narrative

Merrill Black

Spring 2011

DSAB 628

Disability Studies in Education

David Connor

Summer 2011

DSAB 651

Disability in Mass Media

Beth Haller

DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.