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The SPS Online Bachelor's Degree in Sociology (B.A.) prepares students to succeed in the 21st century, where careers are marked by perpetual change, diversity, and enhanced educational requirements.   Students study social interaction, social change, and diverse communities.  They learn basic tools for social science research:  observation, interviews, survey questionnaires, and data analysis. They apply these tools and the scientific method to fascinating and complex real-life social questions.  Sociology challenges students to see the world through the lens of cultural diversity and broader communities; it builds skills for collaboration with others in multi-cultural and international situations.  Learning sociological methods helps students strengthen their math and science proficiency.  And, in the preparation and delivery of topical papers that engage data across the curriculum, students learn to support theories with evidence and to communicate effectively to various audiences through different styles and media.


Based on models and recommendations from the American Sociological Association, skills needed in the 21st century and developed in our program include:

    • Creativity and Innovation,
    • Critical thinking,
    • Analytic Problem-Solving,
    • Communication,
    • Collaboration,
    • Multi-Cultural and Global Understandings,
    • Strong Math and Science Skills,
    • Excellent Written Expression.

General education courses complement this specialized study and emphasize critical thinking, qualitative reasoning, effective communication and the exploration of the foundations of knowledge and culture.


Career Prospects

The emphasis on critical thinking, communication, ethics, research methods and mulitculturalism prepares students for careers in a variety of settings and fields:

    • Social Services, Case Management, and Counseling
    • Criminal Justice, Law Enforcement, and Corrections
    • Educational Training, Teaching, and Support Services
    • Administrative Management and Support
    • Sales, Marketing, and Marketing Research
    • Social Science, Government, and Demographic Research
    • Organizational Analysis and Community Building
    • Social Policy Analysis and Advocacy


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.