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About Me 


Hello, my name is Ana Sierra, welcome to my Capstone e-portfolio. I currently hold a senior standing at CUNY- School of Professional Studies and will graduate June 2013 with a B.A. in Sociology.  Prior to attending the School of Professional Studies, I received an Associate of Arts and Science Degree from Queensborough Community College in Business Management. Soon after graduation, my husband’s company relocated our family to Louisville, KY.  I enrolled at the University of Louisville in an attempt to complete my bachelors in Marketing but we were again relocated, this time to New Jersey, thus preventing me from completing my degree at U of L.  Once in New Jersey, I began working for a prosecutor’s office as a Bilingual Crime Victim Advocate, and through the course of my employment and due to my work related experiences I decided to return to the world of academia and obtain a degree in sociology.


I currently live in eastern Pennsylvania and I am the proud mother of four children, two boys and two girls. My children are my treasures and I am extremely fortunate to have them.  On my spare time I enjoy gourmet cooking, photography, traveling and organic gardening.


My current academic and career goals include entering a dual master’s program in public health and social work (MPH and MSW) and upon completion, working with children and/or women in trauma situations, preferably in a hospital environment.  My interest of working with these two groups grew out of the need for assistance that I observed after many years of exposure to incidences of child sexual abuse and domestic violence while in my current position.  I look forward to the challenges I will soon encounter but most importantly I look forward to the new opportunities these challenges represent in my future.





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