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Welcome to Allison's




          It is hard to believe that I am at the end of the Disability Studies program since beginning in 2009. My e-Portfolio represents a variety of topics that are covered in the program which partially are required courses and the other composes of electives I was interested in learning more about. In my e-portfolio, I have provided samples of the work I completed and reflections on what I took away from each class. Additionally, I included reflections on my involvement with advocating for people with disabilities through lobbying to local politicians which has increased my awareness on why disability studies matters!


Introduction to the Sections

Included in My e-Portfolio:

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About Me

The About Me section is a brief description of me and why I chose to study with CUNY SPS.


Academic Work

Since beginning in the program, I have gained a tremendous amount from the talented faculty of the Disability Studies Program to which I will ever be grateful. In this section, I have reviewed the courses I have taken and provided a sample of the type of projects/writings I completed for each course.

If you are interested in any of the books that are listed, feel free to click on the book cover which directs you to www.amazon.com for more detailed information. 


Program Reflection

To sum up what I have learned from my studies, I have provided an analysis of the major themes and practical applications to the knowledge I have acquired. As part of my reflection, I wrote a poem about congregate care which has an audio option on the page. 


      Special Section: A memorable moment for me as a student      was “My Trip to Willowbrook State School” which I have        reflected on in a separate page in this section.


Advocacy in Action

As an employee with my agency, I have engaged in several advocacy efforts to fight for improved quality of services for people with disabilities and have provided a reflection on the trips I have made.



This section is dedicated to my professional development in the human services industry and how my studies have helped me to become involved in a variety of projects.









DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.