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Course Description:

This survey course explores the various environments in which contemporary marketers operate , including the online digital world of e-marketing, and the problems and practices related to the planning of marketing stategies in the exchange process. Students learn how successful marketers focus on domestic and global market opportunities while being sensative to cultural differences, including ethical and socially responsible decision-making, while focusing on issues of quality and technological change.


Course Reflection:

I took this course as an elective because I don't know much about marketing and I am interested in launching my own digital photography business. I found the course very informative and it helped me understand the business side of art.


Course Assignments:

  •  Magazine Analysis was written in Fall 2008 for BUS 315 and explains that while advertisements are all very different from each other, they try to appeal to the audience in similar ways.  All three automobile ads featured in the assignment use different themes and approaches to pathos, ethos, and logos to appeal to a similar audience.

This course work demonstrates the Critical Thinking, Communication and Knowledge Base competencies.


DRAFT: This module has unpublished changes.